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cargo car‧go [ˈkɑːgəʊ ǁ ˈkɑːrgoʊ] noun cargoes PLURALFORM or cargos [countable, uncountable]
TRANSPORT goods carried on a ship, plane, truck etc:

• What was the plane's cargo?

• A Swedish cargo boat with some passenger accommodation

cargo of

• a freighter due to ship a cargo of highly radioactive plutonium from France

ˈair ˌcargo TRANSPORT
cargo that is carried by plane:

• the intensely competitive air cargo market

ˈbulk ˌcargo TRANSPORT
cargo that is carried loose, not packed in containers:

• B&H Maritime transports dry bulk cargo and refined petroleum products.

conˈtainerized ˌcargo also containerised cargo TRANSPORT
cargo that is carried in very large metal containers, usually by ship or truck:

• The underfloor holds are capable of accommodating over five tonnes of containerised cargo.

ˈdeadweight ˌcargo TRANSPORT
heavy goods such as coal and stone. The cost of carrying deadweight cargo is calculated according to its weight, not according to the amount of space it fills
ˈdry ˌcargo TRANSPORT
cargo consisting of dry goods such as coal, iron, food grains, seeds etc:

• revenue from export and cross-trading for both wet and dry cargo shipping

ˈgeneral ˌcargo TRANSPORT
cargo consisting of various kinds of goods, not one single type of goods:

• General cargo continued to flow through the port.

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cargo UK US /ˈkɑːgəʊ/ noun [C or U] (plural cargoes, cargos)
TRANSPORT, COMMERCE the goods carried by a ship, plane, or other large vehicle: carry/handle/transport a cargo »

TCL Carriers Ltd was the operator of the vessel on which the cargo was carried.

load/unload/discharge a cargo »

The costs of loading and discharging the cargo are not included.

a cargo of sth »

The ship was carrying a cargo of wool.


a cargo ship/vessel/plane

cargo space/capacity »

Soft bags are recommended because of limited cargo space on the aircraft.

See also AIR CARGO(Cf. ↑air cargo), BULK CARGO(Cf. ↑bulk cargo), DEADWEIGHT CARGO(Cf. ↑deadweight cargo), DRY CARGO(Cf. ↑dry cargo), GENERAL CARGO(Cf. ↑general cargo)

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